Lounge Ratings – Update

We’re in Berlin. What a wonderful city, but more of that in a couple of days.  More importantly, as Lynn Hendrickson is so eager to know, what are Desi’s ratings for the airline executive lounges?

If you remember, Desi scored the Admiral’s Club in Boston a nine, and gave the Admiral’s Club in Philadelphia a seven. He quickly came to realize that if something was much better than the club in Boston, he’d run out of numbers so he figured out (all by himself) that it would be better if he ranked them instead of rated them.


Desi enjoying his pastries

We visited two more lounges (one in Manchester and one in London), both part of the British Airways Executive Club. He was really impressed with the lounge in Manchester (the Terraces Lounge) for a couple of reasons. 1. It was a welcome break from the zoo that is Manchester’s terminal three. It was packed, you couldn’t move. 2. He loved the pastries. And all in all, the entire experience was on par with the lounge in Boston. I thought it was better than Boston because of the self-service bar, you could help yourself to anything – and it wasn’t cheap booze either. I didn’t because it was early – I was restrained, a responsible adult. But still… It was nice to know it was there if you needed it. And, for photographers, the light in that lounge was absolutely splendid. Better lighting than Chris Portal could muster up any day. 🙂

Look at that natural light!

The lounge at Heathrow was meh. It was really busy and not very clean. Desi preferred it to Philly because it had more room. It was a big lounge, rather massive, and that made it feel like the rest of the airport.


British Airways Galleries Lounge at London Heathrow, Terminal 5.

Some added data here, Fiona traveled from Boston to London and used the British Airways lounge in Logan. She was impressed, much better than the Admiral’s Club in Boston. Get this, there is special gate-hole for the fancy folk in the lounge.


View from the British Airways Executive Club Lounge, Terminal E, Boston

You get straight on the aircraft without having to mingle with the great unwashed.  Fiona actually rated this above the AA Lounge in Boston.


View from the British Airways Executive Club Lounge, Terminal E, Boston

So, Desi’s ratings

  • 1= Boston (Terminal B) Admiral’s Club
  • 1= Manchester (Terminal 3) British Airways Terraces Lounge
  • 3 London Heathrow (Terminal 5 North) British Airways Galleries Lounge
  • 4 Philadelphia (Terminal A East) Admiral’s Club

And Fiona ranks the British Airways club at Logan above all of them. But we’ll have to take her word for it.


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